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NFC | Barcode Customised Logo Business Card

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  • Powered by NFC & QR code
  • iOS & Android | Customisable App Link Configurable
  • Made of soft touch PC
  • One off Cost | No subscription
  • Free Tracked Worldwide Shipping

Tappi Reviews is the perfect networking tool for making new connections & generating new leads.

Personalize the card that's going to get you results. Add your name, title & logo for a unique custom printed card.

Each one of our NFC Business Cards is expertly crafted to ensure the most premium finish for you and your brand. Made with a toughened PVC material, this card is built for the day to day hustle and bustle of life. Networking has never been easier.

This card is powered with the latest NFC technology & also has a QR function on the front too. Say goodbye to paper cards one tap at a time. 

Tappi Reviews NFC Business Cards is the fastest way to share your contact information & social media profiles.

How do I add my details to the NFC Business Cards?

Simply, Order a NFC product. Once your card arrives, scan the QR Code on the card & setup your Tappi Review profile in minutes. Once your profile is setup, you're good to start connecting with people straight away.

How do I submit my design?

email with your design with size ratio of 85.5x54mm Our designers will ensure your logo & all of your details will be all in line before shipping to you.  

How do I add my details? 
Simply, Order a NFC product. Once your digital business card arrives, download the app and simply insert your own URL link to Google Business, Facebook, Instagram, Online Business Card etc.


We have warehouses based in Milton Keynes, UK & Brisbane, Australia. And can deliver to both Countries.

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Return policy

We Aim To Prove You With The Most Advance Quality Made Products Here In The United Kingdom.

You Are Protected By a 1 Yr Warranty (excluding wear & tear filters or parts)

14 Day Statutory Customer Rights of Return & Refund


How does it work?

It works by an NFC chip that when tapped on any phone with card reading technology, it will display a URL link which is coded to your google business page. The customer clicks the link straight to your review page.

How many reviews can I collect with Tappi Review Card? 

Tappi Reviews is not limited on the number of reviews you can collect. You may collect as many as you want!

Can I change the link on my Tappi Review Card? 

We code them individually so unfortunately not. Although we have discount codes for repeat customers!

How long does the card last?

Integrated with a NFC coded chip to your business URL page. Unless you snap the card or your phone is broke or very old without NFC card reading abilities, which most phones have now, it should last a very long life span.

rank higher on google maps

90% of customers only do business with the top reviewed companies on map searches

  • - Tina Hu

    "As a new sushi business, we struggled with reviews until Tappi Reviews helped us automate the process"

  • - Lewis Freeman

    "Our coffee shop in Brisbane city is booming with more traffic than ever!"

  • - Jared Jones

    "We get lots more customers from our ranking of google maps quicker by using this system, recommend to any business"

No subscription. One off Payment.

  • Customise and update anytime
  • Compatible with most phones
  • Easy to set up and use
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